Jun 27, 2015

Enemies of Western Democratic Society Strengthen Their Positions Also in Science-Based Press – Promoters of Global Warming and Drug Legalization Are Winning

The theory of human-caused global warming has acquired enthusiastic supporters among journalists and left-oriented politicians, and has been placed in the pantheon of the politically correct notions beside, among others, the idea of compulsory positive discrimination of problematic ethnic groups and the idea of superiority of Islam over Christianity. The promoters of the theory, although being proven guilty of manipulating the facts, have been successfully trying to delegitimize their opponents. The
main leaders of the climate-change campaign were repeatedly convicted of opulence, hypocrisy, conflict of interests, and corruption. For example, Democratic politician Al Gore, teaching modest life without excessive energy consumption and having been rewarded by Nobel peace prize, was found to lead a wasteful life in large houses and private jets [1]. The prototype of the anti-warming fighters is Rajendra Kumar Pachauri [2], chair of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) between 2002 and 2015: he was responsible for reiterating widely publicized lies, among them the ice-hockey shaped graph exaggerating the temperature rise, or the false claim that Himalayan glaciers would melt by 2035; he helped his friends in obtaining grants for anti-warming research; he was convicted of assault and sexual harassment [3]. The gravest sign of dishonesty of the anti-warming fighters, including Gore and Pachauri, is their involvement with both sides, they verbally fight against oil and gas companies, but they enjoy money and jobs from the same companies. Broad public may believe the theory of global warming, but for the promoters of the theory this all is merely a lucrative business, as corroborated by the fact that among big supporters of the climate change business is Shell Oil Company – one of the biggest oil producers and also one of the largest convicted environment polluters [4, 5].  

Another idea for the pantheon of the leftist notions is the legalization of drugs. Twenty years ago everybody knew, normal persons and addicts as well, that drug dependence is a psychiatric disorder [6] including  changes of personality, damaging relations with other people, easy slip to criminality, health problems, need for increased doses, and debilitating uncontrollable impulses or withdrawal symptoms. As the use of the illicit drugs has increased in the Western countries during the last 50 years, so that now up to 10% of people are exposed during their lives to hard drugs like cocaine and up to 30% to soft drugs like cannabis [7], the personality of the people in the Western countries has changed accordingly, as well as their attitudes. The drug users, being overrepresented among entertainers, journalists and other elite groups, easily exert their influence on the whole society, and the resistance to the drug has generally yielded. The drugs proponents now publicly teach that the drugs should be legalized. They argue that the drug quality will increase, causing less injuries, while the state will have huge profit from taxing the drug trade [8]. They ignore the fact that even light drugs like cannabis may activate schizophrenia or initiate psychosis and dangerous aggression [9]. The leftists, who otherwise support all socialist ideas, wish to remove all forms of government control in case of drugs; furthermore, they request drug decriminalization, whereby illegal drug users would not receive a prison term and a criminal record. After nearly criminalizing cigarette smoking, this all is strange. Although to normal people, these voices seem to be fantasies of drug dealers and addicts, the other side – media, humanities, and other leftists and elitists – enthusiastically fall for it. They start with cannabis, which they present as a wonder medicament for all diseases, and they weep over millions of people who supposedly cannot mitigate their suffering. The fact is that a few people who might benefit from cannabis, may get medical cannabis or an equivalent medicament for their special need.

Since it is still clearer that we are at the end of the glacial cycle and the next ice age is coming [10], the idea of global warming has been euphemistically renamed to “climate change”. As for the obsessive effort of drug addicts to get their stuff in a cheaper and easier way, it has been transformed to the “drug legalization” movement, and the addiction to cannabis has been given a friendly name “recreational cannabis”. Both climate change and recreational cannabis have become accepted notions even in science-based media, for example in Scientific American published monthly by Nature Publishing Group and in Chemical & Engineering News (C&EN) published weekly by American Chemical Society. For example, a recent issue of C&EN broadly reported about the benign potential of legal marijuana [11], and in a separate article the paper even demonstrated that cannabis, beside its recreational and medical use, can mitigate the global warming problem by constructing airplanes from woven industrial hemp (Cannabis) and flying them on a hemp biofuel – hemp allegedly being a carbon-negative material [12].  

In Enemies of Society [13], writer and historian Paul Johnson relates to attackers against our civilization, and shows that they first try to undermine the meaning of the words; then they aim at confusing the orientation of the civilized man by undermining the validity of science and by blurring the border between science and alternative science. The enemies would have alternative sciences, such as popular ecology and popular medicine, replace both Western science and Western religion, and would have charlatans and shamans replace Western scientists and Western clerics. Accordingly, dangerously sounding “marijuana” has been replaced by soothing “recreational cannabis”, and the looming war against the barbarians who seize our cities should be replaced by an abstract war against the climate change. “Make love not war” is a known slogan of theirs. The shamans in media and pop culture push the West toward slowing down its economic growth and consuming more psychedelic drugs. Some of the climate/marijuana activists may be unaware – and they would be called useful idiots by Lenin – of the fact that the low carbon policy will enable the competitors of the democratic West, including China and Russia, to economically overtake the West and possibly subdue it. Some of the climate/marijuana activists may be unaware of the fact that the increased consumption of the drugs will distort the general perception of the reality in the Western society. But the justified means are damaging the Western economy and injuring the Western mind, and the end is the end of the Western world. Surely the attackers know what they do; if our enemies assembled to debate how to best undermine our society, they would decide to support the groups promoting less carbon and/or more cannabis. By reducing the consumption of all goods but drugs, supporting the sense of guilt and deleting residues of any self-confidence in democratic societies, by disrupting the perception of reality in the elites, by damaging the industrial growth, and by flooding the society with hostile immigrants, the enemies will achieve their goal: the Western democratic society will cease to exist. A future writer of “The Decline and Fall of Western Civilization” will have a complex task, but surely she will mention the fighters for less carbon and more cannabis, wherein less carbon broke the ability of the West to defend against the outer competitors, and wherein more cannabis dissolves the last residues of the Western will to defend against the barbarians who infiltrated their countries.

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