Nov 14, 2015

Drastic Videos of a Dying Culture – Islamists Rape the Europeans in the Streets while Decadent Politicians Welcome the Muslim Migrants – the Europe's Future Can Be Seen Already Today in Paris

When Lenin massacred millions of enemies – non-believers in the new International Socialist order – Western Socialists applauded and called the Socialist Soviet Union A country where the future can be seen already today. The socialist enthusiasts around the world supported the evil Soviet system till its decline and suicide in 1989.

When Hitler proclaimed the new National Socialist order and promised to eliminate all non-believers, as well as inferior nations, both West and East tried to get along and signed peace agreements with him. France and Great Britain signed the Munich agreement and sacrificed democratic Czechoslovakia to Hitler in September 1938, a half year after violent annexation of Austria to Germany, in exchange for his promise not to broaden his attacks against Europe; Hitler attacked Europe within one year. The Soviet Union signed the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact in August 1939, a half year after violent annexation of Bohemia to Germany, in exchange for free hand to Stalin in annexing the Eastern Europe; Hitler attacked the Soviet Union within two years. National Socialist enthusiasts supported Hitler till his suicide in 1945, and Arab politicians admire him till today.

When Arabs massacred each other within their Islamic Socialist order, killing millions, all Western and Eastern countries competed for their friendship, regularly condemning the only enemy of the Arabs, Israel, whenever possible, issuing resolutions against Israel in the UN and organizing an economic boycott against Israel. When Arabs started to mass rape the European women (Sweden), decapitate Europeans in their streets (Britain), set their capitals on fire (London, Paris), and blow up their subways (Madrid, London), the European politicians decided that Islam is a peaceful religion and opined that more Muslims should be brought to Europe – in order to let the immigrants make children for them (Swedish prime minister) or in order to save the Arabs from suffering in their own countries (Angela Merkel); the French president Holland even reprimanded the Czech Republic and other East-European countries for not willing to accept more migrants. The socialist politicians aim their activism against immigration critics or against Israeli products rather than against the suicide bombers.

The Europe’s future can be seen already today in the videos from Paris: Muslims shooting French people in theaters, coffees, and sport stadiums, wounded citizens jumping out of the windows and helplessly dragging their dead friends in the streets – while French police cannot be seen anywhere.

A sad look into the future. Unfortunately, the United States cannot save Europe from Islam, as they once saved it from Communism and Nazism, because the barbarians have diluted also the US population, and even their current president originates from a Muslim-Communist family. Both Europe and the U.S. now face the existential danger for their civilization.

Lighting candles and preaching clichés will not help. Only a clear vision and a quick action can stop the decline. The European values, including scientific rationalism and Judeo-Christian humanism, are endangered. A rational analysis shows that the real enemy of freedom and humanity are moderate and radical Muslims and their Leftist helpers. Of course, moderate Islam is much more dangerous than extreme Islam, the same way as moderate Leftists are more dangerous than radical ones. Most people understand that extreme Islam and extreme Left would lead the society to a quick decline, but only few people correctly understand that the tolerance to moderate Islam and to Muslim migrants, preached by the moderate Leftists, inevitably leads to a slow decline into chaos. Moderate Muslims, like moderate Communists or Nazis, serve as useful idiots or willing executioners to their radical leaders.

Incidentally or not, both Nazis and Communists liked Islam and cooperated with it. The Western people must realize that as Nazism and Communism tolerated by Western Leftists were once their main enemies, nowadays their mortal enemy is Islam tolerated by the Western Leftists. The quick action to save the Western humanism would include forbidding the Islam religion in the civilized countries, and expelling the Muslims who refuse to renounce their religion.