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Dec 16, 2022

World Cup in a Graveyard – Qatar Has Killed 6,500 Construction Workers When Preparing the Soccer Championship and Now It Manipulates the Western Media

Unsurprisingly, the totalitarian Arab kingdom does not suffer from any excessive red tape regarding work safety, and foreign workers have died in droves when building stadiums and infrastructure not only from accidents, but also from overworking at temperatures of up to 120°F. Qatar has 300,000 citizens and about ten foreign workers for everyone, the workers without any rights are mostly from Far East.

Sep 5, 2012

Supra Rank of the Countries in the Olympic Games

It has been shown that the best way how to rank the Olympic achievements of the countries is to take the average of two ranks: one based on the medal number and the other on the medal number per capita, providing "supra rank". The medal number is well summed by medal points: S1 [= G + S/2 + B/3, where G, S, and B are the number of gold, silver, and bronze medals,

Aug 27, 2012

Olympic Medals - Countries Absolute Rank

Ranking the countries according to the number of gold medals in 2012 London Olympics, or according to the number of all medals, or according to the medal points (gold + 1/2 silver + 1/3 bronze), respectively, provides the following sequences:

Aug 20, 2012

London 2012 Olympics Medals - Countries Ranking

The question is always how to rank the countries according to their achievements in sports. The following table includes 84 countries which gained at least one medal in London 2012 Olympics. The first column shows the number of gold medals (G), the second column shows the number of all medals (M), the third column shows the sum (S) of [gold + silver/2 + bronze/3] medal points, the fourth column shows the country population (P) in millions, and the fifth column shows the medal points per capita