Oct 10, 2017

North Korea – the Most Inhuman State in History – with the Most Totalitarian Control of the Citizens – 20 Million Slaves

A night satellite photo of Korea shows a sharp border between the light South and the dark North. The North has 30 times lower domestic product per capita than the South, and even the little it has is invested to developing chemical and nuclear weapons. The recent provocations with shooting rockets over Japan would constitute casus belli in less timid times.

Since its creation in 1945, the North Korean regime has killed about one million citizens denoted as enemies, the victims of the Korean war in 1950-1953 notwithstanding. Still more people died in the famine during the first several years of the rule of Kim Jong-il (let us call him Kim the Second), who ruled from 1994 to 2011 – the number of victims is estimated at between one and four millions of about 22 millions of inhabitants. Cynically, their minister of agriculture was accused of the famine and executed as an alleged US spy. Even though all the citizens were born in the Communist regime, hundreds of thousands are being “re-educated” in concentration camps, of which 10,000 annually do not survive the reeducation process, according to International Coalition to Stop Crimes Against Humanity in North Korea. The present ruler, Kim Jong-un (Kim the Third), spends most of his time by watching cheap Western movies and drinking expensive Western alcohols, while occasionally having fun with a schoolgirl caught for his entertainment. This tradition was started by his grandfather (Kim the First), who abducted South Korean and Japanese citizens, mainly actresses and women interpreters; hundreds people were abducted, and North Korea even acknowledged tens of cases, some of whom were repatriated. The ruling Kims combine Caligula with Nero and Stalin. The photos show crowds of gaunt and timid people bowing to their fat leader or to his giant statue of gold. The photos show skeletons on bikes, streets without cars, or ceremonial opening a ski-center in a country without skiers – as the leader saw such a center in a movie. Randomly selected citizens were shot from cannons in a stadium full of onlookers – to give people a lesson, a Kim’s brother was recently killed by a nerve gas at Kuala Lumpur’s airport, other relatives were burnt by a flame gun or torn to pieces by dogs. A 22-year US student, Otto Warmbier, who came to support the Communist state as a tourist, was imprisoned for theft of a poster from his hotel and tortured for 17 months; in June 2017 he was returned unconscious to the States, where he died in two days. One must ask: how did it come that the world allowed to Kim the Third to acquire the atomic weapons?

The journalists and pundits often opine that North Korea should not be provoked and even should be given security guarantees, whereas any boycotts is not recommended as damaging the Korean people. This opinion is expressed by people irrationally defending anything that smells of socialism, or people having profit from the business with China, such as businessmen utilizing cheap work of Chinese women and children; North Korean citizens are still cheaper, and Communist China exploits them. The leftist experts attack the supposedly aggressive rhetoric of the US president and praise Chinese support for stability in the region. The friends of socialism object that the drastic details leaking out from North Korea are not fully confirmed. However, the news about all genocides was objected as unconfirmed at the beginning, and the reality always turned out to be much worse than the rumors. To be sure, the North invests as much energy to disinformation as to killing, similarly to their Russian and Chinese teachers. The fact that world media present Trump and Kim as two equal madmen, equating the U.S. to North Korea in regard to the responsibility for the crisis, is difficult to absorb even for an expert on leftist media.

A comparison with Nazi Germany suggests itself. Germany provoked too, and the appeasers offered to Germany warranties by then too. The today analysts would have surely considered Churchill's speeches as unnecessarily aggressive, but they would have supported the attitude of the then elites which suppressed reports about killing civilians in Germany. Only after the end of the WWII, the truth emerged about the death of 1/3 of the world Jewry. Reports about tens millions of death in the Soviet Union were ridiculed for much longer time, and it took many years when the ghastly facts about the disappearance of 1/3 of the Soviet population in the years 1917-1953 was acknowledged, resulting from wars, executions, famines, and diseases. Reports about wiping out 1/3 of the Cambodian population by their communist elite in the years 1975-1979 were also accepted only reluctantly by the leftist media, as well as reports about massacring 1/3 Tutsi in 1994, with UNO forces standing by.   

There are more than 20 million slaves or brainwashed robots living in North Korea, but many have retained their human nature and hope that the evil praying on them will cease. Their crazy rulers threaten the neighbor nations, and endanger the whole world by providing nuclear technology to extreme regimes. Of course, the kind-hearted socialists would ask: "You would not risk a war because of those slaves, would you", while actually sympathizing with the North rulers and their supposed military power. Indeed, between 5 and 30% people are connected with their army, but the North is impoverished, its leadership is totally detached from reality, the population is weakened by malnutrition and terror, and their deterrent forces are created rather by TV and Photoshop. In case of conflict, North Korea without Chinese assistance would collapse quicker than during the defeat in September and October 1950. The lovers of socialism have explained the Korean war as a liberation war against American imperialism, or at best as a result of the Cold War; the Stalin's and Mao Tse-tung's aggression has been interpreted as a selfless help of the Chinese volunteers and the millions of dead as a victim of the U.S. expansionism. The truth is that only the communist expansion and terror are to blame for the death and destruction in Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and China, as well as in Cuba, Nicaragua, Mozambique, Angola, Afghanistan, Spain, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, and of course in the states of the former Soviet Union and Yugoslavia. The Western countries might exert an economic and political pressure on China to abandon North Korea and let it unify with the South; however, such pressure cannot be expected from the former Marxists, now leading Europe, such as German chancellor Merkel or NATO secretary Stoltenberg. The U.S. will unfortunately remain alone again, against socialists in China, in Russia, and in Europe. Nobody applauded when president Trump said in his UN speech on September 19 that North Korea will have to be totally destroyed if the West will be forced to defend itself.

How was it possible that the world allowed Caligula to arm with nuclear weapons? Where did the world make a mistake? It started by allowing China to become the second strongest economy without giving up its communist ideology. China could enjoy the advantages of both systems: it exercised economic freedom and simultaneously it murdered its political opposition at home. The West has transferred much of its production to China, replaced its high-quality products with cheaper ones, and taught China its technologies, while ignoring the existence of millions of slaves producing their products. Leftist elites were happy because the alliance with communist China legitimized their sleazy world view. People were buying cheap toys and overlooked that they were somewhat poisonous. The environment and climate change have become new religion in the West, but Chinese cities are sunk in smog. Everything can be imported from China, including a new skin for severely burned – freshly skinned off live prisoners. It is obvious that squalid North Korea could not develop and finance hundreds complex engineering projects needed for making atomic bomb and ballistic missiles alone. Russia, Pakistan and Iran have been providing important assistance and cooperation, but the main and long-term responsibility falls onto China, which since 1950 nurtures North Korea like their evil dwarf. The evil dwarf gets sometimes money even from the U.S., as it happened in 1994, when president Clinton gave Kim five billion dollars for a promise to stop the nuclear efforts.

Nobody wished to start a war against Hitler for an unknown and distant Czechoslovakia in 1938, nor for some endangered Jews; instead a capitulation Munich agreement was signed by the West – but the war came anyway. Nobody wished to start a war for some Koreans or Vietnamese, but in the end the U.S. sacrificed 100,000 soldiers anyway, when helping South Asia against communist evil in two wars. And now, of course nobody is eager to risk a conflict just because of some enslaved North Koreans or endangered Japanese or South Koreans. In the meantime, the nuclear technology has leaked via Korea to Sunni Moslems in Pakistan and to Shia Moslems in Iran. Nobody wished to start a war against Iran, and president Obama signed a capitulation deal with them. We never wish to start even a small war, but we cannot avoid a big war imposed on us by the other side. At least, let us not allow those useful idiots (as Lenin called his naïve supporters in the West) to impose on us their lies. Let us not forget that again it is socialists who keep 20 million North Koreans behind barbed wire and endanger the whole world, as it was socialists who were keeping the Eastern Europeans behind the barbed wire in the era of Nazis and in the era of Communists. The Western medial and political elites sympathize with socialism and wish to make a deal with the Eastern Caligula, while blaming the Western U.S. president. On the other hand, it is only the same U.S. of America, which chiefly contributed by their resolve and sacrifice to the fall of Nazism and Communism, that can save the world from African anarchy and Asian totality.

The media narrate that not everything is black and white and also that, in this post-rational era, the people are not divided to left and right any more. However, the bright line between good and evil still exists – South is light and North is dark. Kim Jong-un is an embodiment of totality and a hero of the Left; in this conflict, the decent people should support the country of president Trump, as they should have supported the country of president Roosevelt and president Reagan. 

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