Sep 9, 2014

The Barbarians Decapitate Journalists – When Will Israel Be Punished for That?

      Since middle ages, Jews were punished for Black Death epidemics and other tragedies that befell on Gentiles for any reasons, such as bad weather or wars lost against other Gentiles. The State of Israel inherited that old custom with its Jewish population. Therefore it seems quite natural that Israel should be punished for war defeats suffered by its neighboring countries, still more when the defeats were inflicted by Israel. After each of its defensive wars, Israel paid for its victory by being condemned
in the UN and around the world, and by being forced to return the acquired territories. Egypt repeatedly tried to annihilate Israel and was defeated (1956, 1967, 1973), and as in an electronic game it got the lost territories back without paying any price. Israel must be punished for victories it achieved, but also for terrorist attacks it absorbed, and even for favors it provided. History of the Israeli state is unending cycle of successfully neutralized attacks, followed by enforced concessions which induce new attacks. The concessions and peace agreements are imposed on Israel by the whole world, with the assistance of the Israeli fifth column – leftist peace-lovers. Several points on this vicious circle are shown, with last one left open:

1973   Egypt totally defeated, Israel is free to advance to Cairo®
1978   Camp David Accords, Israel is deprived of Sinai in exchange for peace on paper  

1991   Israel was attacked by Scud missiles from Iraq, but did not retaliate as a favor to the US  and kept the citizens with gas masks in sealed rooms for a month ®
1991   Madrid Conference, Israel was forced to start indirect negotiations with the terrorists   

1993   The 1st intifada ends, 200 Israelis killed and 3000 injured ®
1993   Oslo Accords, Israel recognized terrorist PLO and Arafat, whom it had expelled from Lebanon to distant Tunis in the 1st Lebanon War in 1982, as negotiation partner while allowing them to settle and operate in Israel

2000   Israel withdrew from Lebanon®
2000   Camp David Summit, Israel negotiated with Arafat and promised to withdraw from many settlements

2005   The 2nd intifada ends, 1100 Israelis killed and 8300 injured ®
2005   Roadmap for Peace, Israel withdrew from Gaza

2006   2nd Lebanon war, 165 Israelis killed and 1500 injured, Hezbollah threat was neutralized ®
2007   Annapolis conference, two states solution proclaimed, Israel should be divided

2012   Rockets from Gaza on Israel, 23 Israelis injured ®
2012   The UN upgrades Palestine to non-member observer state status

2014   A half of the Israeli population was attacked by rockets from Gaza and kept in shelters for 50 days, 73 Israelis dead and 530 injured ®
??       When and how will Israel be punished for this, and by what damned peace initiative?

As the Islamic sadistic armies murder everywhere around the Middle East, occasionally decapitating Western journalists, the U.S. prepare a broad coalition against the Islamists; to appease the Islamists within the anti-Islamic coalition, president Barack Hussein Obama and his allies will do their utmost to bring peace upon Israel and to subdue it to make concessions to Palestinian terrorists. Today as in Munich 1938, these peace-lovers, ready for any compromise even with the devil, are more dangerous than ISIS, El Kaida, and Hitler together.