Aug 9, 2014

United Nations Finance Killing Children in Gaza

      UNRWA is an agency within the United Nations (UN) supposedly providing humanitarian assistance to Gaza people. Strangely, the agency is entirely under Hamas control; for example, 27 of its 29 representative in the Workers Committee are Hamas members. The UN defend themselves by stating that they do not examine political allegiances of their workers. It has now been revealed that that since Operation Cast Lead in 2009, the UNRWA smuggled to Gaza 890 million dollars in cash, financing
Hamas military projects, including the tunnels construction [Maariv-Sofhashavua, 8.8.2014]. It is not surprising that rockets and ammunition have been stored in UNRWA facilities. Most viciously, the UNRWA undermined its clinic in Khan Younis, and blew it up when Israeli soldiers entered on July 31, killing three soldiers and seriously injuring fifteen.
            The UN accuses Israel of killing children by its allegedly non-proportional defense, but in fact more children were killed during the tunnels construction financed by the UN. According to Hamas officials, 160 children were killed in the tunnels from Gaza to Sinai till summer 2012 [Journal of Palestine Studies, Vol. 41, no. 1, Summer 2012, p.6]. When adding the children victims from the tunnels leading to Israel, and the victims killed after summer 2012, the death toll would surpass 500, which is more than 300 children allegedly killed due to Israel’s actions in Operation Protective Edge, even if disregarding the children killed by Hamas own misguided rockets and the children victims created in Hamas photoshops.