Aug 9, 2023

Communist China Endangers the Sovereignty and Security of the State of Israel

The last hundred years have been the most brutal in human history, and Communist China has contributed to this significantly. In the infamous campaigns of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), such as the "Great Leap Forward" or the "Cultural Revolution", approximately 100 million people perished. Starvation, rape, torture, and amputation were the means of the CCP's re-education programs.

In the last thirty years, the Communist Party has taken advantage of the benefits of a free market, but without giving up on political violence. For example, in June 1989, the Communist soldiers supported by tanks murdered more than 10,000 students on the Tiananmen Square in Beijing. In July 1999, the Communist Party began a campaign of terror against the Buddhist organization Falun Gong. Many of the 70 million supporters of the organization were arrested, and some were killed and dismembered for transplants; the number of dead is estimated at one million people.

CCP's evil campaigns are not over. The Chinese communists threaten all their neighbors, and they have even acquired dangerous influence in Israel, bordering on seizing control of the state’s economy and partly its security. They have already received factories and ports in Israel to manage, and are managing the most important strategic projects. CCP have established education centers based on their ideology around the world, and in Israel as well. They have been caught when they planted bugging devices in Israeli government offices. They have threatened the Israeli journalists who had interviewed Taiwanese politicians.

On 17 July 2022, a professor from the University UIBE ISRAEL spoke on Israeli News 13 TV about mega plans for Chinese constructors in Israel, including handing over the main Israeli airport, Ben Gurion, for constructing apartments on its land, while building a new airport elsewhere. The naive journalists on TV were enthusiastic about the idea and even forgot to explain that UIBE ISRAEL is a university of the Chinese Communist Party in Petah Tikva which advertises Chinese projects in Israel.

The Communist China signed a $400 billion deal with Iran in March 2021, including Chinese investments in banking, telecommunications, ports, railways, health care and information technology, also involving military and intelligence cooperation. Top Israeli and US security officials warned against China’s influence in the State of Israel.

CCP easily managed to neutralize the freedom of 70 million people in their country, so one can suppose that neutralizing the freedom of 9 million Israelis is not impossible for them. They have already started working on it in a low profile. They have already penetrated our house throughout, like termites, quietly building their influence everywhere in Israel. We need to wake up before our house falls down.

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