Feb 12, 2022

A Concise Overview of the Covid-19 Pandemic Dates: 2015-2022

The leading Wuhan coronavirus scientist, Dr. Shi Zheng-Li, together with several US scientists modified a harmless bat coronavirus to be capable of infecting the human
cells (1).

Western scientists warned of possible virus leaks
from laboratories in Wuhan (2).

US diplomats warned against coronavirus leaks from the laboratories in Wuhan (3).

2019 Aug
Satellite images showed a surge in traffic outside Wuhan hospitals (14).

2019 Sep
he Global Preparedness Monitoring Board of the WHO, including Anthony Fauci, published a first “Annual report on global preparedness for health emergencies”, in which they warned about a possible rapidly spreading, lethal respiratory pathogen pandemic (34).

2019 Dec 31
China reported an epidemic of pneumonia of unknown origin in the city of Wuhan (23), and the Wuhan police announced investigating eight people for spreading rumors of a new infection (24).

2020 Jan 07
The journal Nature received a work by Chinese scientists who allegedly just succeeded in isolating and identifying a new coronavirus causing said epidemic of unknown origin, within merely six days and based on a single patient. The infection allegedly originated on the Wuhan meat market (17).

2020 Jan 21
The World Health Organization (WHO) issued Situation Report No 1 (25) announcing that a new viral disease had emerged in China at the end of December, that China had shared the genome sequence with the world for developing diagnostic kits on January 12 and that the disease had meanwhile spread throughout China including the giant cities of Beijing and Shanghai, and also neighboring countries including Japan, Korea and Thailand.

2020 Jan 23
The WHO’s situation report No 3 announced the spread of the disease in the United States (26), and on 25 January, report No 5 announced the spread worldwide (27).

2020 Feb 03
Two articles by Chinese scientists were published in Nature, the first one being the above mentioned article received on January 7
(17), and the second one, co-authored by Dr. Shi Zheng-Li, having been received on January 20 (18). Within merely two weeks, the scientists seemingly managed to identify and thoroughly characterize “an unknown agent causing the new disease. The second article also announced the existence of a bat virus, called CoV RaTG13 (allegedly known to them but never published since 2013), which surprisingly had 96% homology with the newly discovered CoV-2, supposedly suggesting the animal origin of Covid-19.

2020 Feb 19
Dr. Peter Daszak, president of US based EcoHealth Alliance, that had funded the coronavirus gain-of-function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, strongly condemned “conspiracy theories suggesting that COVID-19 does not have a natural origin” in an article published by the prestigious medical journal The Lancet

2021 Jan 1      
During the first pandemic year, 85 million positively tested people and about 2 million deaths were reported worldwide (33).

2021 May 5    
Nicholas Wade, editor and author who had worked on the staff of Nature, Science, and the New York Times, summarized the known facts, and showed that the origin of Covid-19 in one of Wuhan labs was hardly refutable (28).

2021 Dec 31     
Since Jan 1, 2021, 60% world population was vaccinated by one dose, 50% by two doses, and 7% by three doses.

2022 Jan 1      
During the second pandemic year, 215 million more people were positively tested and 3 million more died despite the vaccination throughout 2021, raising the total reported cases to 300 million and total reported deaths to 5 million (33).

2022 Feb 1     
The reported positive cases corresponded to between 2% and 30% population in the developed countries, and 5% worldwide; China reported only 0.007%. The developed countries reported between 140 and 3500 dead per million people, while China reported only 3 dead per million (33).


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