Oct 7, 2021

Is There Any Chinese Offence the West Will not Put up with?

In December 2018, US authorities asked Canada to detain Meng Wanzhou, CFO of China's Huawei; in the United States, she has been accused of misleading the courts, fraud, and violations of U.S. sanctions laws against Iran. The subsequent imprisonment of two Canadian citizens in China, Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig, and their charges of espionage were widely seen as  Chinese revenge on  Canada. After nearly three years, Meng was  released from house arrest on September 24
following an agreement between her lawyers and the U.S. Attorney General. Both Canadians were released immediately afterwards, although China denied any connection between the two cases. Oppositely flying planes, carrying home the Chinese businesswoman and both Canadian citizens, took off almost simultaneously. The arbitrary detention of two Western citizens in the Communist China has surprisingly escaped the attention of otherwise sensationalist Western media, as well as Western politicians who usually like to struggle for human rights.

The two Michaels were spending 1,020 days in a Chinese prison with light bulbs lit 24 hours a day, while Meng was spending house arrest at her $ 14 million Vancouver mansion. In March of this year, a trial against the Canadians began in China; Spavor was sentenced to 11 years in prison for espionage in August, and Kovrig had not yet been convicted. Fortunately, both Michaels are back in Canada today. In exchange for her release, Meng had to admit that she had lied and committed most of what she was accused of, even though it was not a formal confession. The charges against her should be formally dropped next year, but her statement will be used in ongoing proceedings against Huawei, which faces charges of conspiracy, theft, and racketeering in the United States.

China has seized not only Western hostages, but also the sympathies of the elites

Huawei Technologies is one of the world's largest electronics producers, and given its ties to the Chinese Communist Party, it surely poses a security risk to the entire West. Among other things, Meng, the daughter of the founder and CEO of Zhen Cheng Fei, lied to the US authorities that Skycom, operating in Iran, is not a subsidiary of Huawei. Both Chinese companies were further accused of bank fraud. Communists are sometimes like children in their lying: Huawei is said to be unrelated to the Chinese Communist Party, but after the detention of a company director in Canada, not only did Chinese Communists arbitrarily detain two Canadian citizens, but China even imposed sanctions on some Canadian agricultural products.

As the Canadian National Post wrote, "Canadians must feel disgusted, embarrassed, ashamed and angry about this dubious matter." Those disgusted are probably voters of the Conservative Party, which won only 35 percent of the vote in the recent election, so that progressivist Justin Trudeau can continue as prime minister. Although Trudeau personally welcomed the returned prisoners at the airport, using the situation for his PR after the tightly won elections, he had done close to nothing for them during their imprisonment, while even fawning to China by offering to them joint military exercises. China enjoys sympathy among the ruling elites; for example, former Canadian ambassador to China John McCallum had to be replaced because his sympathies with China seemed to outweigh his commitments to his own country.

Michaels are just a drop in the ocean of victims of the Chinese Communist Party

As for the Michaels detained in China, the Chinese Communists chose their Western victims in style. As under Stalin, when most Western victims in the Gulag were sympathizers with the left, Kovrig and Spavor were no exception. Kovrig is a Canadian diplomat working for International Crisis Group, a non-profit peace-promoting organization financed by George Soros, and Spavor is an entrepreneur working to improve relations with North Korea. Nevertheless, it is scandalous that the citizens of a Western country could be arbitrarily detained in China for almost three years without the West reacting, whatever the politic profile of the victims is.

The world media ignore this case; two incidentally detained Westerns seem less important to them than weather fluctuations or elections here and there. And why would the media cover the three-year detention of any two people, when they have not covered the three-year detention of two million people in Chinese internment camps – alleged enemies of the Communist Party among ethnic Uyghurs? Not only millions of arbitrarily interned Chinese citizens, but even five million people who have died with Covid and 200 million infected around the world do not arouse any negative feelings among the Western media and politicians towards the Chinese Communist Party, which have been lying about the pandemic from the beginning.

The West has nearly lost its freedom

Many in the West were fooled by the introduction of capitalist reforms in China, and even more people were drunk by cheap services and goods from China. Whatever the current tactics and techniques of the Chinese Communist Party are, their strategy has not changed, as being corroborated not only by escaped details of their secret plans, but also by their open statements. Their ultimate target is to dominate the West economically and militarily, and it is served by the new islands built in the South China Sea, the expansion into nearly all developing countries, the theft of Western technologies – and also by their goods, which we consume more and more every day.

Today's Chinese leadership integrates various Western trade and market techniques into their policies, but they do not abandon Mao Zedong's teachings. An important principle in said teachings is readiness to sacrifice millions of people in possible conflicts. To that old principle of the previous century, China has added a newer one in the Xi Jinping era, translatable as "the West has no balls to stand up to us." Indeed, the West seems to have no longer enough citizens willing to fight for their freedom, and still more Westerners are even willing to exchange their freedom for cheap Chinese goods. So that China is not afraid of war, but it will even not need it to conquer the world.

Very unfortunately, the answer to the question in the title is short: no, there is none.

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