Feb 17, 2021

Our Chinese Syndrome and Our Chinese Future – It Is Better Not to Be Born or Reincarnated into the World Led by the Communist China

There is hardly another example in history of so rapid rise of power as China has shown in the last thirty years; its share of world gross product has increased fifteenfold and is now 19%, putting China second only to the United States. China has gained control of raw materials in many Third World countries. Even in the Asian part of Russia, Chinese entrepreneurs have a free hand in the use of raw materials,  and the  Chinese will one day easily become  the majority there. But even in the United States,
the Chinese are gaining a dangerous influence; for example, at the University of Berkeley, the Chinese make up the largest ethnic group, about 25% of all students. Increasingly, Chinese researchers in the United States are being convicted of collaborating with the Chinese Communist Party and its military, stealing documents, and spying (here, here, here).

China has not yet fulfilled its promises to stop the forced transfer of technologies and to open its markets to foreign investors, but the European Union hopes that China will change its behavior after signing the new trade agreement. However, the conciliatory wording of the agreement suggests that Europe will give way to China also in the future; for example, the EU’s document “Key Elements of the Agreement” says "China has agreed not to impose new restrictions" (here).

The Stockholm syndrome is an emotional attachment of a terrorized person to a terrorist. Similarly, the growing dependence of the retreating West on the advancing China can be called Chinese syndrome. Although China has forced Western companies working in China to hand over their technologies to the communist government, the West has been moving more and more production to China. Although China has been detaining two innocent Canadian citizens for two years, the Canadian government has been until recently performing joint military exercises with China (here). Although China has consistently voted against Israel at the United Nations, Israel has been seeking Chinese favor for years, and now has even let its strategic Haifa port run by a Chinese company, despite the fact that the port has used to be visited by the US Sixth Fleet (here). Countless other examples of the Western softness and appeasement can be given. The West is childishly happy about buying a cheap pony and does not understand that they have bought a Trojan horse.

The pandemic year 2020 was in the sign of the rat in the Chinese zodiac, which is quite apt for the Western perception of the rat as a source of plague and typhus, but not many have noticed as the anti-Chinese criticism is nowadays very cautious. Profiting and profiteering traders, together with superficial politicians, have worked for years to improve the image of the Communist China in the West, so that it is often seen as a modern, almost capitalist and democratic state. A closer look does not support this picture, showing concentration camps for millions of people (here), hundreds of thousands of prisoners dismantled for transplants in the last twenty years (here), and military threats against neighboring states, including the construction of artificial islands in the middle of the South China Sea.

Reports pointing to Chinese guilt for the worldwide spread of covid-19 are often ignored or questioned as part of "conspiracy theories." However, the following facts cannot be questioned: Wuhan satellite images suggest that the epidemic broke out there in the summer of 2019 (here), but it was not until 31 December 2019 that China informed the World Health Organization (WHO) of "pneumonia of unknown origin" in Wuhan (here). Surprisingly, on January 7, Chinese researchers sent a detailed description of the pathogen, including the sequence of its genome, to the journal Nature (here). Although the first WHO situation report on covid-19 in January lists the giant cities of Beijing and Shanghai among the affected areas, later Chinese reports were limited mainly to Wuhan, and China decided to admit only 62 infected per million inhabitants and 3 deaths per million inhabitants. Curiously, no one doubts the low values ​​in the country of Covid-19 origin, although the numbers of sick and dead are 500 times higher in Western countries (here). Everything from China is received with kind understanding, whether it is toxic goods or false data.

The desire for cheap goods blinds many Western traders and politicians. Nobody wants to go into "unnecessary conflicts" with a strong rival, not for unfair business practices, not even for honor or principles, and still less for distant suffering peoples. It is hoped that the wealth will blunt the Chinese ferocity and expansiveness. But China has already advanced to the second place among the nations and it is not more peaceful. Should we try to let China become the first in wealth and strength? But if that does not work, we will have to get used to a whole different world.

What future awaits us if China takes the baton of a world leader from the United States? We can be guided by the position of Tibet, Hong Kong and Taiwan. The West had no control over Tibet, and so Tibet was finally pacified; Hong Kong has been allowed autonomy for a few decades, but it is coming near to a sad end; besieged Taiwan is armed to the teeth and ready to defend itself. The West must choose one of the three models.

The Dalai Lama sought a compromise with the Chinese Communist Party but failed. His situation is hopeless, and he has already admitted that when he dies, his soul will not reincarnate into another Dalai Lama, as has happened so far, and Tibetan Buddhists will not acquire the 15th Dalai Lama, because the Chinese communists have made it clear they will decide into whom the Dalai Lama’s soul will reincarnate. Buddhism is not an aggressive religion, so the Beijing's strong stance on Lamaism in Tibet, as well as on the Falun Gong Buddhist movement in China, shows that there may be no place for any religion in the New Chinese World. Certainly, many liberals would put up with that, but even the freedom of enterprise is not ensured in today's China, as can be seen in the disappeared businessmen who ignored the party line.

And what about respect for the rights of the individual or the rights of minorities? What about freedom of speech, respect for life, love of neighbor, freedom of creation, the right to a normal life, etc.? Certainly, such things can exist when the communist government orders it. When the government ordered, the birth rate fell, and the wells were filled with dead girls. The birth rate will increase when the government orders it, and the army ranks will be filled with fresh soldiers. In the Chinese future, the individual will hardly mean more than a clay soldier in an immense army defending the interests of the ruler, be it an emperor or a first secretary.

The world has begun to get ready for a formidable future over the past year. Almost all democratic countries have restricted the movement of their citizens, giving them masks not only as a symbol of Chinese customs or a symbol of shut mouth, but also as an ideal means of erasing their identities. They all look alike. The normal expression of emotion has been restricted, people should not shake hands, should not hug and kiss, should not trust each other and should avoid each other.

With a view to a Chinese future, it is perhaps better not to be born or reincarnated – but who has inadvertently happened to be here, he should try to fight against such a future. 

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