Jun 30, 2020

Checkmating Black Is Prohibited – Google's Censorship of Chess Commentaries Suggests That Western Democracy Is Close to Checkmate

Croatian chess player Antonio Radić publishes his comments on chess games on a Youtube chess channel under the pseudonym "agadmator"; his podcasts are highly popular. For example, his "The Greatest Queen Sacrifice in History" has over 4.5 million visits, and all of his videos together have already received 275 million visits (here).

Radić's podcasts are completely non-political, which is why their author was absolutely dismayed when his chess commentary of June 27 was removed from Youtube by Google as "harmful and dangerous". "Agadmator" shared his shock with his fans the day after (here), reflecting on possible reasons why Google has chosen to delete the podcast and believing it was a software bug that may have discerned potentially incorrect words in the comment, and so by mistake and out of context, it delegitimized the entire podcast. Radić cites the assumption of his supporters (he is afraid to express such ideas in his name) that perhaps usual chess sentences, such as "the black cannot face the pressure of the white" or "the black must lose", were interpreted by the censoring robot as politically incorrect or racist. Hundreds of thousands of fans witnessed Radić's misunderstanding and sadness, and under their pressure Youtube returned the podcast on June 29 (here).

The aggressive progressives (or progressive aggressors) are beginning to condemn classical music because it was composed only by White men, and this can hardly be undone by an occasional gay among the composers. Now the time for chess has come (Es kommt der tag, said Nazis) – and a number of changes can be expected. Black will move first, and if that doesn't help, white and black will be replaced by blue and green. Another solution could be positive discrimination, ordering the White people to start a game without one pawn, Asians without two, and Jews without three pawns; if that will not help, African Americans will start with two queens.

Radić's case clearly shows that Western democracy is on the verge of ending. Not only are some statements banned, but innocent phrases containing non-recommended words are censored, while most information passes through several giant engines, such as Google and Facebook. Physical erasure is performed by a robot analyzing written and spoken texts as in the worst anti-utopias, and in the future it will probably not be possible to discuss the legitimacy of the erasure with any humans.

Deleting posts on Facebook becomes ever more common, and the above chess scandal shows that Google also becomes very active and even activist. It's not just about Youtube, it's also about searching on Google. After all, Google has already taken up 93% of the market from search engines on the Internet; in second place is Bing with only 2.5% and in third place Yahoo with 1.5% of the market (here). Anyone looking for anything anywhere in the world relies on the results found by Google, which was already discredited by its cooperation with the Chinese Communist government in their efforts to select only suitable Internet search results for their subjects (here).

It has always been claimed that Google has a very sophisticated secret algorithm for ranking websites and arranging them in the final search result. Such a rating is critical, because any Google search will yield thousands to millions of results, of which the top ten are usually reviewed, so the others don't seem to exist. Two years ago, I tried to explore a little said algorithm in terms of keywords in the title; I confirmed that using six to nine words from the title will usually ensure the article is present among the top ten sites in the search result (here).

However, while "exploring" that algorithm, I repeatedly received a question from Google "Are you human?", and later my website stopped to be included in search results, even though I searched for long titles, which figured first in both Bing and Yahoo search engines. Google advises that it can lower the ratings of websites whose owner violates some of the rules, and may even completely omit the site from further browsing (deindexing). I deduced that my repeated searches could be considered by the protection software as "Sending automated queries to Google", which is prohibited. After submitting my explanation and request in Console application, the reduction in the rating of my Czech and Hebrew articles has been removed, and it seems softer for my English articles.

As a patent attorney, I looked at Google's patents and found that the company made no secret of its efforts to change the placement of certain documents in the final search result (such as here and here) according to the requirements. For example, the first of these patents relates to an algorithm providing results as currently needed; the second patent provides an algorithm enabling to change the position of a particular document in the final search result by applying a "rank transition function".

Giant companies such as Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft or Google are probably interested mainly in profits, but given the left-wing tendencies of today's tycoons, these companies also support everything politically correct and progressive. This combination, of course, tends to support Democrats in America and China in the world. No matter how the views and interests of these giants evolve, the concentration of their power is critically dangerous for the continued existence of Western democracy, which seems to be close to its checkmate.


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