Dec 17, 2019

Deep State Against Bibi Netanyahu – Leftwing Elites Deep-Rooted in the Israeli Institutions are not Satisfied with the Election Results

The term "deep state" denotes institutions and groups of people deeply embedded in the structure of the state and seeking to maintain a certain policy independently of democratic elections. It is a state within a state. This is the way, the American commentator and columnist Michael Savage related to the globalist elite in the United States that opposed Donald Trump. In Trump’s War,  Savage  included among  said  progressive elite a layer of civil servants in  defense and security, social engineers
and, above all, the orchestrating media. According to Savage, the deep state stands for globalist culture of collectivism, multiculturalism and controlled economy, as opposed to the traditional values of individual freedom, free enterprise and Judeo-Christian traditions. Savage's definition is also well suited to the Israeli conditions.

Whereas the United States seem to be rather retreating from freedom to socialism, Israel once started with socialism and gradually detached from it. Enthusiastic socialist founders wanted to create a new Jewish man who would make his living by manual work while being indistinguishable from his non-Jewish neighbors, including Arabs, with whom he would make friends. The efforts to make friends with Arab neighbors became an obsession that proved incurable in the Israeli political elites. No Arab violence helped, including the pogroms of 1929, when the Arabs unexpectedly attacked their long-time Jewish friends and neighbors, raping, gouging eyes, and severing limbs; tens of thousands of dead and wounded during a hundred years of neighborly coexistence have not helped. Fraternity became the highest goal of the Israeli elites. Writers such as the famous Amos Oz dreamed in their morbid fantasy of an Arab friend of Israel – a muscular and noble hero; the dream sharply contrasted with physical disabilities of the Arab population caused by the intra-family marriages, as well as with their ethics of which ultimate virtue was killing a disobedient girl by father or brother.

Chaos and bureaucracy in Israel were getting weaker during the years, and African dirt on the streets began to disappear, with strengthening of the free market. Some kibbutz informality became part of the Israel's DNA, but the incessant struggle for survival changed the DNA also in another way – the Israeli voters have slowly turned away from traditional communist and socialist parties and moved to the center and to the right (see the graph).

A lion putting zebra’s rights above its own  would  scarcely  survive in evolution; the political right is more realistic and defends the interests of the nation better than the dogmatic left. As a byproduct, the nation got a healthier economy.

The main representative of the Israeli right is Benjamin Netanyahu, called Bibi, who in 1996-2019, mostly as leader of the Likud party, made a substantial contribution to consolidating the capitalist economy – as Prime Minister in 1996-1999 and 2009-2019, and as Minister of Finance in 2002-2005. Even his enemies, mostly rich people enjoying the overall growth, have no doubt about his economic success. For example, inflation fell from 10.6% to 1.3% in 1996-1999, and later down to zero. Privatization, tax cuts, and opening the market to import have led to reduced unemployment, increased national income, and improved supply. Before Bibi there was a lack of natural gas, which the Egyptians refused to deliver to Israel despite the peace treaty, and there was a critical lack of water; everything was expensive. Today Israel can export water and gas, use cellular phones nearly free, and 8.5 million out of 9 million citizens travel abroad annually. Israel has become a technological and local military power.

So why does the left hate Bibi more than other right-wing politicians? Because the left cannot put up with the fact that, despite their stereotypical presentation of right-wing people as simpletons, Bibi masters better English than their idol Shimon Peres. Because Bibi studied architecture at the world's most prestigious university (MIT). Because his son was among the winners of the Bible knowledge contest. Because the left is easily ridiculed by his sarcasm. Because the U.S. Congress applauded him, when he arrived there against the will of US President Obama. Because he has friendly relations with both the US and Russian presidents. Because Arab and Iranian leaders denote him as the archenemy, while he is loved by Israeli people in the street. Because Bibi repeatedly wins democratic elections.

Here comes the Israeli "deep state". It is globalist progressive elite as defined by Savage, including defense and security apparatchiks, social scientists and cultural agents, and media – all of these rooted in the Stalinist era and backed by the Supreme Court, which has been interfering in the powers of both the executive and the legislature over the past 25 years. The Supreme Court is assisted by the prosecution and by police, including a special investigation unit called Lahav 433, and by the offices of the state attorney and the attorney general. Nominating personnel to crucial positions is in the hands of legalistic and security elites who defend their positions teeth and nails, concocting accusations against politicians according to their needs, and whose influence has been vainly fought by elected representatives for years. Said elites promote political views of the extreme left represented by the political party Merec, now supported only by four percent of voters. The Supreme Court regularly makes judgments favorable to Arab terrorists, but the most destructive is its meddling in everyday economic life, an example being attempts to prevent the use of natural gas recently found off the Israeli coast. The gas “belongs to the people” according to the Supreme Court, and its extraction would serve the rightwing government.

Since the beginning of his career, Netanyahu has faced daily accusations, enthusiastically promoted by the media, suggesting he would right away go to the prison – but the rumors have repeatedly turned out to be exaggerations and defamations. Wiretapping Bibi, his wife and children, and publishing their private conversations have become commonplace, as well as testimonies about their offenses and crimes provided by cleaning personnel and other staff around the Netanyahu family. Bibi's wife Sarah was accused by media of not returning the bottle deposit bills to the state, and of buying too expensive candles for Saturday. The left accused Bibi of allowing Germany to sell a submarine to Egypt, which was absurd, since the left regarded Egypt as a peaceful partner, and Bibi could have hardly prevented the sale anyway. When Netanyahu greatly increased Israeli strategic strength by purchasing German submarines, the left accused him of enriching himself, but a thorough police investigation cleared him.

From countless artificial affairs, the prosecution has recently managed to extract three alleged crimes, and on November 21 indicted Netanyahu. The three affairs are "case 1000", "case 2000" and "case 4000". In the first case, Bibi received cigars and champagne from entrepreneur Arnon Milchan in 2011-2016, for which he allegedly assisted him in promoting his business. In the second case, Bibi had a meeting, in 2014, with his political enemy, Yediot Ahronot newspaper publisher Arnon Mozes, who offered him favorable articles in exchange for limiting the influence of Mozes' biggest competitor – Yisrael Hayom paper; Bibi did not accept the deal, but he should have refused the offer faster according to the indictment. In the third case, Bibi was supposed to help communication tycoon Shaul Elovitch in his business in exchange for favorable articles in Walla's online newspaper. Paradoxically, Yisrael Hayom, whose influence Bibi allegedly sought to suppress, is the only newspaper not biased against him, so it is absurd to suppose he would consider such an offer. In addition, Yediot Ahronot and Walla have never published any favorable articles about Bibi. The prosecution succeeded to come only with "fraud and breach of trust" in the first two cases, while adding "bribe" in the third one.

The Bibi’s Bill of Indictment was signed by Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit, State Attorney Shai Nitzan, and Tel Aviv District Attorney Liat Ben-Ari – all three being dubious persons with a past of criminal investigations. Mandelblit was investigated in 2014, and accused of fraud and breach of trust in the Harpaz affair, but his case was closed, probably due to his previous assistance to the anti-Israeli radical left-wing organizations MachsomWatch and BeTzelem in their activities against the Israeli Army, when he served in the position of Chief Army Attorney. Nitzan threw away his kippa and abandoned religion to simplify his career, which enabled him to work with Aharon Bark – the father of the activism of Israeli leftist judges; in his position he acted particularly cruelly against religious Jews in the settlements to make up for his religious origin. He was found to act arbitrary against right activists by Kfar Saba court in 2014. Liat Ben-Ari was caught threatening a colleague of her in her position at the district prosecution office and giving a false declaration to the court; Mandelblit and Nitzan provided her with their protection, refusing to open a criminal case against her. Both Nitzan and Ben-Ari were caught lying, when they did not pass a polygraph test.

Much of the public is outraged, as remembering how former Prime Minister Olmert was charged for million dollar bribes in cash, and how the District Court's six-year sentence was reduced to eight months under pressure from the Supreme Court because Olmert's family was active in extreme leftwing organizations. In the case of Netanyahu, none of the charges have been proven, and the activities in which he is supposed to be involved, are even not illegal according to lawyers unrelated to the establishment. It is a head-to-head clash between a democratically elected prime minister and leftwing elites embedded in the structure of the state more deeply than most people want to admit, the elites willing to use all means to save their influence. The means includes the skillful use of the politician Avigdor Lieberman, easily blackmailed for having received millions of dollars for undisclosed purposes from the Austrian billionaire Martin Schlaff, former Stassi agent. The Lieberman's criminal investigation was closed and Lieberman, formerly marked by media as an extreme rightwinger and fascist, was acquitted, after which he "surprisingly" turned against the right government, causing its fall and thus premature elections – even three times during the last year.

The left has no chance in regular democratic elections, so it relies on its “deep state”. Bibi has brought the country to economic prosperity, has gained Russian approval for Israeli operations in Syria, has forced the Americans to move the embassy to Jerusalem, to withdraw from the treaty with Iran, and to recognize Israeli sovereignty on the Golan heights, but over the years he has not braced himself for attacking the strongest enemy – the deep state. In any case, it will now be a fatal battle, not just for Bibi, but also for the democratic Israel. Either the present right government will remain in power in some form, hoping to break the power of leftwing judges and secure the Jewish future in Israel, or there will be a period of opportunistic politicians without any vision in the economy and politics, willing to negotiate with the Arabs and make any concessions, while endangering Israel’s existence.

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