Dec 20, 2008

Global Warming Confusion

      No dangerous human-caused warming happens, either locally or globally. The temperatures fluctuate at all locations and at all time scales, similarly as stock market index or any other magnitude dependent on many random parameters. For example, global temperatures fell from the 1940's through the 1970's; in the 17th century the temperatures were higher in Europe than today
; during millions of years the temperature has been incessantly changing, as well as the ocean level, which at certain periods was by 240 meters lower than today and at other periods by 300 meters higher.
      The proponents of the human-caused global warming warn that increasing carbon dioxide, however miniscule its increments are, will bring about a destructive temperature increase. But they cannot explain why another greenhouse material, namely water, which is present in an unlimited amounts on the Earth surface, should not cause a still greater warming, resulting in the release of the huge amounts of carbon dioxide dissolved in the oceans and ending in a greenhouse death.
      The numerous parameters, affecting the earth temperature, include solar activity, the position of Earth and its axis toward the Sun, processes in the Earth core and mantle, Earth reflectivity, the atmosphere composition, cosmic radiation, Earth magnetic field, ocean temperature cycles such as El Nino and La Nina, ocean streams, volcanic activity, quantity and type of the Earth flora, and others; the parameters fluctuate in periods ranging between years and billion years, and their effects on the Earth temperaure may range from 0.1 to several degrees celsius. Despite its wild geological and astronomical history, and despite so many factors affecting its surface temperature, including the greenhouse danger, Earth has been keeping a remarkably stable average temperature during its life, the maximal changes not exceeding 10 degrees celsius. There must be some controling mechanisms, eluding the global warming proponents, including a negative feedback which prevents a run-away effect of the deadly greenhouse gases. The new mathematical attitude of a Hungarian atmospheric physicist, Ferenc M. Miskolczi, describes the missing greenhouse equilibrium mechanism[1]. A calculation according to Miskolczi's theory shows[2] that the greenhouse sensitivity to a doubling CO2 is about 0.24 deg K. . It is clear today that greenhouse gases in the atmosphere exert only minor influence compared to all other effects. Changes in the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere accompany the temperature changes, because the world oceans are huge containers of dissolved carbon dioxide, whose solubility decreases with increasing temperatures, while releasing CO2 to the atmosphere. Thus, the increased CO2 is not the cause of the increased temperature but its consequence, and the problem of global warming is only another, even though perhaps one of the biggest, hoaxes of the media.